The sloop Restauration sailing again 2025 - 200 years afterward later 1825 Restoration

Sailing again from Norway to the USA in 2025 with the sloop Restauration

Leaving 🇳🇴 Stavanger harbour 4. July, (hopefully) arriving 🇺🇸 New York harbour 9. October in 2025, on Leif Erikson Day.

See the recording (edited version) of the live stream from September with skipper Halvor tells part of the exciting story of “The Sloopers” and their journey with “Restauration” back in 1825.
As a part of the premiere of the great and popular movie “The Emigrants”.
(Duration: 13 min, the news at the end) :

Facebook Restauration (13. september)

The Restauration sets sail again – article in The Norwegian American Newspaper.
(Article by Tarald Aano, Stavanger Aftenblad. Translated by Lori Ann Reinhall.)

Eventually more 2025 and the ship Restauration:
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New movie about the common Nordic emigrant history:
watch the official trailer from SF Studios who made the new great movie: “THE EMIGRANTS.
(The Swedish Viaplay Group has now released the movie and is available in the USA.
On internet through, subscribe to Viaplay through Xfinity X1 TV or Flex Streaming.)

The new movie The Emigrants 2022 About How to watch in USA Director Erik Poppe

See the pictures and use Google translate to read the article:
More than 800,000 Norwegians risked their lives across the Atlantic. Now their story is being told. In 1825 mass emigration to America began. / “Over 800.000 nordmenn risikerte livet over Atlanteren. Nå fortelles deres historie. I 1825 startet masseutvandringen til Amerika.
(Advertisement connected to the movie “The Emigrants”.)

Director Erik Poppe: “‘It’s About Refugees Today”.

In The Norwegian American Newspaper and their Emigration issue in October 2022:
articles about the emigration, the new movie “The Emigrants” on their internet website, published from 04.10.2022 ->
And also on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

More information about the great movie “THE EMIGRANTS” and the Director Erik Poppe: “‘It’s About Refugees Today”.

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