The Vessel

Restauration is a floating experience center, an iconic monument, and a symbol of the first organized emigration to America.
Restauration sailed from Stavanger to New York in 1825 with 52 people on board.

As a result of an idea and a dream carried forward by local enthusiasts with a genuine interest in history and boat building, the former “Stiftelsen Emigrantskipet Restauration” (Foundation Emigrant Ship Restauration) was established in 2007.
With the purpose of reconstructing Restauration, one of Norway’s most famous sailing vessels. To build a ship that is nearly identical to the original, based on traditional boat building tradition.
Restauration was built by Ryfylke Trebåtbyggjeri on Finnøy and launched in 2010. See pictures on the boat builder Ryfylke Trebåtbyggjeri’s website and about the journey Stavanger – New York in 1825.
And in a shared image folder on Dropbox.

Video: Three segments NRK compiled in one film with:
Almost at the beginning about construction, launching, christening, and voyage.

Drawings of Restauration (of the new replica):
drawing with rigging and equipment of the emigrant ship Restauration
class drawing with structure hull, dimensions, and measurements of the emigrant ship Restauration

Length: 54 feet / approx. 16 meters (excluding “bowsprit”)
Width: 5.3 meters
Depth: approx. 1.8 meters
Weight: approx. 44 tons

How the size of the new Restauration was determined: see “Stavangeren no. 1 2021” pages 44-51 (sheets 24-27) by Gunleif Seldal. (Who was involved in the Expert Council to find out what Restauration may have looked like (or as a PDF).)