The sloop Restauration sailing again 2025 - 200 years afterward later 1825 Restoration

News: Sailing from Norway to the USA in 2025

Announcement: Sailing Again in 2025

Watch recordings of some of the exciting history behind the voyage from Stavanger to New York in 1825 and the announcement that we will be sailing again in 2025 (duration 13 min, the announcement is at the end)
on (recording of live stream to the USA on Oct 9th, Leif Erikson Day in 2022):
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Watch NRK Rogaland news coverage on the announcement that in 2025, during the 200-year anniversary of the start of the major Norwegian emigration to America, “Restauration” will sail again.

This was part of the premiere event for the film “THE EMIGRANTS” directed by Erik Poppe.

This ship is heading to New York – just like Norwegian boat refugees 200 years ago. (Stavanger Aftenblad, subscription.)

Emigration from Norway and Why the History is Relevant Today in Modern Norway

The Film “The Emigrants”

Over 800,000 Norwegians risked their lives crossing the Atlantic. Now their story is being told. In 1825, the mass emigration to America began. Sponsored content in Schibsted media about “THE EMIGRANTS”.

The new film “THE EMIGRANTS” – Beautiful and poignant about emigration to America. Øyposten.

Behind the scenes on a filming day of “THE EMIGRANTS”. Including interviews with main actors Lisa Carlehed, Gustaf Skarsgård, and Tove Loog. And director Erik Poppe. TV4, Sweden.

Who is the actress playing the lead role as Kristina in “THE EMIGRANTS” – Lisa Carlehed?
50 years after Liv Ullmann had the role and her international breakthrough in a completely different version of “The Emigrants” in 1971. (Allas, Sweden.)

Educational Material for Young People

Film Study Guide – interdisciplinary teaching material on emigration from Norway to America based on the film “THE EMIGRANTS”. For schools (linked to curriculum goals in various subjects), confirmation classes, etc. Developed by the Norwegian Film Institute.

Flyer with reading tips books and a brief summary of each book. From the library.
(Alternatively, other books about emigration – see under the menu item Links on our website and the heading “Literature”. Some can be read digitally.)