Objectives of the emigration history

To convey the Norwegian emigration history from Norway to the USA to current and future generations, primarily in Norway but also to Norwegian-Americans residing in the USA. Through experiences on board or associated with Restauration in various ways. And on the internet.

Objectives to convey the emigration history Norway – USA

  • Storytellers with access to scripts.
  • Information on the website, newsletters, and regular posts on social media. Where we aim for one post per month in the summer half-year, two newsletters per year, and regular updates on the website.
  • The website should be a resource page with access to a lot of information about emigration history, including through many relevant links.
  • Presentations with a common layout used in meetings and external presentations.
  • Contact with organizations in the USA interested in emigration history. Including through emails and newsletters.
  • Participation in festivals in Rogaland.
  • Emigrant room with exhibition of emigration history.
  • Visits on board from local school classes, etc.
  • Mentions in local press about activities happening on board.
  • 2025 with the 200th anniversary celebration with a voyage to the USA:
    Separate organization where this activity burdens the workload of the “ordinary” Friends Association as little as possible.
    Separate finances. Separate objectives and plans.
  • Contribute to reducing inequality by establishing cooperation with at least two organizations such as the Red Cross, UNICEF, and the Church City Mission. Through the implementation of at least two activities per year that contribute to inclusion and diversity by providing especially children and young people who fall outside society with good experiences on board and lasting memories.
    And contribute to the identity and relevance of Restauration with parallels to today’s refugee stories.
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