Goals of practical seamanship

Restauration Venneforening keeps alive an important part of Norway’s history by sailing the ship, which has become a floating monument and symbol. Practical seamanship is passed on to current and future generations. Through sailing and training on board the ship, mastery experiences are offered to everyone.

Goals of conveying coastal culture through practical seamanship

  • On the sailing trips of the Venneforeningen, have a plan with a goal for each trip focusing on which skills to emphasize.
  • Learning through collaboration with others in the boat environment.
  • Learning through longer trips over several days.
  • For youth: create interest in and learn practical seamanship through Mastra Sea Scout Group’s program with sea scout badges aimed at different skills. Where Restauration becomes an exciting arena for mastery through onboard activities with an inclusive community that provides unity and well-being.
  • Continue coastal culture by giving away what can still be used or delivering it for recycling to reduce waste and marine litter.
  • Participate in coastal culture activities and festivals in Rogaland.
  • Own training trips and educational programs for those participating in the 2025 sailing to the USA.
Restauration fresh sailing Image deck