Goals for use, operation, and maintenance

Restauration Venneforening has an agreement with the owner of S/S Restauration regarding its use, operation, and maintenance.
Sailing trips with Venneforeningen’s members, sponsors, and partners are offered. Activities on board are provided.
Regular maintenance is carried out to preserve the vessel, with as much as possible done through voluntary work. The practical work is distributed among as many people as possible.
“Restauration”: to restore, preserve, and recreate. To be restored.

Objectives for Use, Operation, and Maintenance

  • Active use with various activities on board.
  • Necessary maintenance during the winter months.
  • Develop an annual activity/sailing plan outlining events throughout the year.
  • Develop and implement an annual specific plan for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Necessary income for operation and maintenance through sponsorship agreements with businesses, from on-board activities in collaboration with hotels at the home port, and some product sales. Some of the funds can be set aside for later use. Clear rules and guidelines are established for the distribution of costs with the formal boat owner.