Friends Association


Sharing the rich history of Norwegian emigration, culture and seamanship through a practical experience with the sloop Restauration.


R = Raushet (generosity)
E = Engasjement (Engagement)
S = Samarbeid (collaboration)
T = Trivsel (well-being)
More about our values.

Overall Objectives

To share practical seamanship with the story of Norwegian emigration to the United States in 1825.
Use, operation, and maintenance of the emigrant ship Restauration.
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Illustration: Jens Flesjå.

Practical Seamanship

The Friends Association keeps alive an important part of Norway’s history by sailing the ship that has become a floating monument and symbol.

Practical seamanship is passed on to current and future generations.
Through sailing and training on board the ship, these experiences and life skills are offered to everyone.

More about objectives for Practical Seamanship.

Restauration fresh sail Image deck

Norwegian Emigrant History – Norge – USA

To convey the Norwegian emigrant history Norway – USA to current and future generations primarily in Norway but also to Norwegian-Americans residing in the USA.

Through experiences on board or associated with Restauration in various ways. And on the internet.

More about objectives to the Norwegian Emigrant History – Norway – USA.

Restauration emigration to America USA history Norwegian Cleng Peerson

Use, Operation, and Maintenance

Restauration Venneforening has an agreement with the owner of S/S Restauration regarding use, operation, and maintenance.

Sailing trips with the members of the Friends Association, sponsors, and partners. Activities on board are offered.

Regular maintenance to preserve the vessel, where most is done on a voluntary basis. The practical work is distributed among as many as possible.
“Restauration”: to restore, preserve, and recreate. To be restored.

More about objectives for Use, Operation, and Maintenance of the vessel “Restauration”.

Restauration Friends Association sailing America USA mast top Scout Scout

Why Engage in Restauration Venneforening?

We offer a community with a pleasant and inclusive environment with good and interesting shared experiences associated with Restauration.

Where young and old gather on board Restauration with a common interest in emigrant history.

Members become an important part of Norway’s history and enjoy an active volunteer spirit, excursions, and social activities.

More about becoming a member and membership fees (use Google translate.).

Restauration Friends Association sailing

Other Information about Restauration Venneforening

Restauration Venneforening was founded in the spring of 2021.
The vessel is a replica of the sailing ship Restauration that sailed from Stavanger in 1825.

Restauration Venneforening collaborates closely with, among others, Mastra Sjøspeidergruppe / Sea Scout Group ( (Use Google translate.)

The board of Restauration Venneforening (voluntary organization, org. no 926413325):
Chairperson: Ann Irene Sem-Henriksen (
Board members: Per-Stian Randby Larsen (, Einar Jørgensen (, and Cato Østerhus (
Alternate members: Signy Bråtveit ( and Trygve Spanne (

For more information about our activities, questions about joining and engaging yourself – or if you have any suggestions or anything else you want to contribute, contact us at:

Information about partners and sponsors

Currently only Norwegian. Americans are most welcome!
(Text only in Norwegian – Use Google translate, will be updated.)

Previous Foundation

Information about the previous Foundation Emigrantskipet Restauration until 2019 when it was dissolved.
(Use Google translate.)


Restauration 1825 Stavanger New York Venneforening bli medlem



Souvenir gift Restauration 1825 Stavanger New York

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