Tre gamle skuter sloops Anna af Sand, Brødrene af Sand, Restauration i Ryfylke

What happens next?

The iconic Restauration HAS crossed the ocean, repeating the historic voyage. All of Norway, especially the Stavanger region, has been engaged and invited to participate. The event has generated significant local involvement and received support from many. The Norwegian people, partners, volunteers, and others have been inspired and added lasting value to Norwegian history, with a focus on sustainability goals.

The event will enhance the understanding of recent Norwegian history, promote self-reflection, and foster pride. This takes place in Stavanger, where we collectively honor those who departed. Everyone in the region who has been invited and participated provides descendants with something to be proud of. The event will be recorded in Norway’s history books.

The Goals Include:

  • The voyage fosters increased regional and national pride.
  • Fundraising efforts with allocated funds that make a difference.
  • Focus on BRCA testing, giving individuals the choice to take the test, which will increase hope and survival rates.