America the coffin on board

“Freedom of Expression and the “Walk of Pain”

Bronze footprints of Quaker Mary Ellen McNish, located at the Vågen near the Fish Market in Stavanger. The Quakers and their relief organizations were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947.

Humanitarian efforts to alleviate human suffering, contribute to the international peace movement, and oppose war and the use of weapons leading to persecution and imprisonment will be commemorated at the footprints in Vågen. Restoration’s departure on July 4, 2025.

Quaker Candle

A gift from the Quaker community in Stavanger to the Quakers in the USA. Candles represent safety, warmth, and hope. For Quakers, it symbolizes a belief that God exists in every person as an inner light.

A white candle is crafted by the Ranso AS workforce development company.

Child’s Blanket

There were 52 individuals who embarked in 1825, 53 arrived after a birth during the voyage.

The Restoration Friends Association shall honor and revere Margaret Allen who was born across the Atlantic on 2 September 1825.

The child’s mother, Martha, was from Fogn and married to Lars Larson Gjeilane. Martha’s home community is making a belated maternity gift that will sail with her as a present. A little girl born in New York on Margaret Allen’s 200th birthday, 1 month and 6 days old, will meet us on the quay in New York. Martha’s home community and the Restoration Friends Association hope so.

Reenactment of the “Moonshine and Potatoes” story

Two small barrels of Jærakevitt Jubileum will be placed on the Madeira cask, sailing to the United States and back. Limited edition, numbered, and signed barrels will be available for pre-sale in the fall of 2024.

Done in collaboration with Jærakevitt, DNB, Argus, and Vinmonopolet.

About the role of spirits in Norwegian society at the beginning of the 19th century. (Only in Norwegian.)

More information to come about Moonshine and Potatoes.

A Letter from America: Thank You for Life, Mary-Claire – Cancer Society (BRCA Gene)

The hereditary BRCA “cancer genes” likely spread to North America with emigrants from Norway. American Mary-Claire King identified the BRCA genes, allowing for survival in Norway as well. A thank-you letter to Mary-Claire King will be included in the voyage.

It will be commemorated onboard with a pink ribbon as we sail into New York in October 2025 during the international pink month.

Art Exhibition

More text to come.