Crossings 200 sailing 2025

We will repeat the voyage again in 2025.
Sailing from Stavanger in Norway to New York.

To honor those who left in 1825 in the hope of a better life.
To give their descendants something to be proud of.
To offer an opportunity to reflect on those who are refugees today.

History must not be forgotten, and is highly relevant in light of the current situation in the world.

On July 4, 2025, the emigrant ship Restauration sets sail for New York, 200 years after the first Norwegian emigration.
This reminds us of an important part of Norwegian history and our earlier struggle for better living conditions.


  • Sailing the same route again on the safest possible voyage
  • The fundraising campaign Broken Dreams – a light of hope
  • To lift the stories from the 1825 voyage into our interpretation towards 2025.
  • To highlight new perspectives and current social issues in 2025

The national objectives in North America for the bicentennial jubilee commemoration:

  • Celebrate the strong ties between Norway, the United States, and Canada
  • Remember what it means to take great risks and trade one home for another
  • Better understand the movement of peoples that continues worldwide today.

The national objectives in Norway for emigrant commemorations in 2025:

  • To raise awareness of emigration from Norway and shed new light on the history of Norwegian emigration
  • Discuss today’s emigration and immigration in the light of our own history
  • Build closer ties between today’s Norwegians abroad and Norway

Sailing in 2025:

On July 4, 2025, RESTAURATION starts its adventurous voyage towards New York. Or America as they said in 1825, when 52 excited people started their 98-day journey towards a new and unknown future.
Arriving in New York City on October 9th.

More info about the voyage and timeline.

More information, including a recording of the announcement about our new voyage, the emigration from Norway, and the film ‘The Emigrants.

The voyage will be the biggest historical event in the 200th anniversary of Norwegian emigration to America.
You can join in, get involved and participate from your point of view.

Kart illustrasjon mulig seilingsrute Restauration 1825 Map illustration sailing route voyage 2025 Atlantic crossiing 200 year JensFlesja_no Rev1 ny 03 2024 web
Map basis: Gunleif Seldal.
Illustration: Jens Flesjå

Content of the voyage “America the coffin on board”

In the America Chest, we have included several stories from the voyage in 1825 – recreated and conveyed from a 2025 perspective:

  • Quaker light
  • A baby blanket
  • Copper from the Visnes mines in Karmøy, which was used in the construction of the famous Statue of Liberty in New York
  • A recreation of the story “Moonshine and Potatoes”
  • A letter from America: Thanks for Life, Mary Clay – Cancer Association (BRCA gene)
  • An accompanying art exhibition

More information about what is included in the comprehensive voyage as part of the national jubilees in Norway and North America.

Liv Ullmann High Patron for the voyage

Liv Ullmann has accepted the role of High Patron for the Restauration memorial voyage from Stavanger to New York in 2025, marking the 200th anniversary of the great emigration from Norway to North America.

Upon arrival in New York on October 9, 2025, for Leif Erikson Day, Liv Ullmann plans to be present to welcome the ship.

More info.

Liv Ullmann minne seilasen 2025 Restauration Høye Beskytter Crossings 200 Honorary Oscar winner Liv Ullmann the 2025 sailing High Protector  Foto Photo Grethe Nygaard Den Norske Filmfestivalen Str small
Photo: Grethe Nygaard / The Norwegian International Film Festival, Haugesund

Events and Activities 24/25:

In the run-up to departure 4. July 2025, there will be many activities under the auspices of the ship and the Restauration Friends Association.

These activities will be shared on our Facebook pages.
And under News and Activities on this website.

What’s happening in North America?

What’s happening in Norway?

Contributions and donations:

Join us in making the voyage possible!

Restauration Venneforening (Friends Association) invites the American and Norwegian people to support the voyage of the emigrant ship Restauration.
Which sets sail for New York on July 4, 2025 to honor the first Norwegians who emigrated to America 200 years ago.

More info on how you can contribute.

Cultural Contributors

Many cultural contributors are collaborating with Restauration to ensure that the national 200th anniversary and the voyage receive the recognition they deserve.
This includes contributions in fields such as music, art, literature, photography, film, food and drink.

(More info will come during the summer 2025)

Financial Contributors

To enable the preparations and execution of the voyage in 2025, we are entirely dependent on financial support.

This includes contributions from individuals and companies who recognize the importance and value of highlighting migration and refugees in today’s world, the close ties and cooperation with the USA, and our recent history of striving for better living conditions.

Our largest contributors to the 2025 voyage so far are our annual main partners and a significant donation from an individual residing in the USA.

Please contact us if you or your company are interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a partner.

Restauration Venneforening seiltur

Arrangements for teaching

The 2025 national 200-year anniversary, celebrated both in the USA and Norway, presents a wonderful opportunity to focus on this event in schools, universities, and similar institutions.

See some suggested educational programs for teaching here.

The new movie The Emigrants 2022 About How to watch in USA Director Erik Poppe

Fundraiser: Broken Dreams – A Light Of Hope

Will contribute to hope and light for some of those who are refugees today.

Will be published in January 2025.

Mot vest heading west Restauration voyage sailing 1825 illustratør illustrator med signatur web
Illustrasjon Jens Flesjå

What happens next?

After the emigrant ship and icon Restauration HAVE replicated the historic voyage – engaging all of Norway and generating significant local involvement with support from many – it will be documented in Norway’s history books.

The objectives include increased regional and national pride, fundraising efforts that make a difference, and a focus on BRCA testing for increased hope and survival.

More info about What happens next.

Project Organization:

The planning of the 2025 voyage is carried out by a dedicated parallel project organization within the Restauration Friends Association.

Structured with a Project Manager and leadership team, including dedicated Technical and Harbor teams, including fundraising efforts. In addition, numerous volunteers and businesses contribute, and we collaborate with various resource persons.

More info here.

Restauration historieformidling utvandring Stavanger - New York Gjester elever Eiganes skole